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Types of Rockers Soles

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A Rocker Bottom or Rocker Sole Shoe is a shoe with a thicker than the standard sole and a more rounded heel along with a very stiff front part. Rocker bottom shoes have become very popular in the podiatry industry as well as exercise shoe and other shoe industries. More and more shoe companies are releasing shoe styles with a rocker bottom makeover. There are many claims that rocker bottom shoe aid in improving your balance and posture and rocker bottom exercise shoes help you to tone and strengthen your muscles and burn more calories. These claims, however, are not supported by research; Rocker Bottom Shoes are meant for people with foot conditions and other chronic conditions to rectify these conditions and reduce the symptoms. Wearing a rocker bottom shoe that is inappropriate on a healthy foot without the recommendation of a qualified podiatrist can cause more damage than good.
rocker bottom feet picture rocker bottom feet picture rocker bottom feet picture rocker bottom feet picture

Rocker bottom feet picture


Health care. Rocker bottom feet is a congenital disease. In this disease, the bones of the foot of baby are shifted on the top side due to the wrong positioning of talus bone of foot during development of fetus. It is a rare occurring birth defect. Rocker bottom feet is also known as congenital vertical talus because the talus bone of foot arrange itself vertically leading to the miss arrangement of other foot bones. In this disease, the front end of foot is pointed upward and there is no arch present in the foot.

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