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Is Pam now ready for this? Pam texted me on a Friday afternoon, asking if I wanted to stop by after work for some wine and cheese. She wrote that her boyfriend Andre was away for the weekend attending a destination bachelor party for his buddy. She had just met him. I guess the wine influenced her to grab his crotch on her way out. Most of you have probably seen any number of the hundreds of photos of me that I have posted online.
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She felt the swell of ecstasy reach its peak. Alex squealed excitedly, and Pam felt her move, throwing herself into the line of fire, right underneath Pam's twitching pussy. The vibrator slipped out from her movement, but the sudden deprivation of stimulation could not stop the swell from hitting its breaking point. The tightness burst. Wet sounds issued out in the room, accompanied by wavering cries from Pam, her body buffeted by waves of euphoria, the tightness unwinding to send white-hot ecstasy into every corner of her body. Her cunt was caught in a series of spasms, spurting out splatters of her nectar, right onto Alex's face. The waves of sublime sensation overwhelmed Pam, her body jerking and bucking, hands yanking at the bedsheets, knees pushing down hard against the mattress, sweat-slicked hair whirling about her face.
This is my gift to them. It was AM on Friday morning. He hated these weekend business trips, but if he wanted to keep his business successful, they were necessary. Coming down the stairs, he noticed the kitchen light was on. Setting his suitcase by the front door, he turned to see Tanya, their live-in maid, standing in the hall with a travel mug and newspaper. Thanks again for the coffee. I'll be back late Sunday evening," John said as he opened the front door.
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