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The great thing about going to Boracay as a single western man is that you can meet both attractive and open minded Filipina girls who come here for holiday and are in adventure mood as well as the full range of hookers who will ask for some cash to join you to your hotel but then really know how to please you and make you feel good. But believe it or not, there are even a couple of Korean hookers frequenting the bars and clubs, especially Coco Bar seems popular for them to hang out see below. This is the most developed and most beautiful but obviously also most crowded beach where most of the hotels and guesthouses are located. Needless to say that you are best off staying around Station 2 if nightlife is one of your priorities of course it is. Since they are not employed by the bar there is no such thing as lady drinks, you would just pay the price on the menu they usually ask for a San Mig Light, San Mig Flavored or Whiskey Coke.

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I think back about my second Filippina girl ever: Venetia. It was my first trip to the Philippines and my first trip to Boracay. It was already dark when my friend Smooth Operator and I arrived. We talk and laugh for a while and one of the girls is giving me some decent looks. They had their fixed location on the footpath parallel to the beach so the next day we ran into them again. They tried to sell us a massage but I quickly change the conversation, we joke around for a while and get some laughs.

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Boracay is one of the most visited tropical beach destinations in all of Southeast Asia. Finding sex in Boracay is extremely easy for the simple fact that the girls outnumber the guys visiting to-1 almost every place you go. Most of the nightlife in Boracay is between Station 1 and Station 2 next to white beach so if you are going to do a load of drinking and party the night away you should definitely decide to stay in this area. There are no naughty bars in Boracay like there are in Angeles City or Manila or even Davao, but there are loads of discos full of freelancers and girls looking to pick up a foreigner. Most girls will ask for at least pesos to spend the night with you, depending on your negotiation skills and your looks.

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